Home to Donna Fowler’s tales and complaints…well more complaints than anything!


Ms. Fowler is a bad example of someone who should NOT be in the care of children. Ms. Fowler has claimed to have licenses to work in day care, and NO licenses and permits could be found.


LOOK at Ms. Fowlers bad examples of parenting. Her son (as she claims, which is not her son) engages in robbery, destruction of private and public property is in and out of jail and/or prison. Her “son” was even caught putting human waste on the door knobs on the strip mall in front of the complex where Ms. Fowler lives. Then he is so stupid, like his “mother,” they tell everyone what’s he did!!


ALSO, Ms. Fowler leaves VERY damaging comments on people’s telephone answering machines, which can be used against her in a court of law!! Her voice, her tone, her name, what else do you need! Her message is always in a PMS tone and mood. She always states “This is Donna Fowler…” Then Ms. Fowler follows it up with an email of hate. She calls herself a good Christian???


Ms. Fowler has lost ALL her jobs! Ms. Fowler is great of causing her friends and families STOP caring for her and willing to work for her and help in her numerous ventures. Her name has been taken down from various web sites and social media.  ANYONE, who knows Ms. Fowler, knows her long sad PMS look of hate face. So sad and she thinks everyone is doing her wrong. Ms. Fowler causes her own problems and admits it!


Everywhere where Ms. Fowler has lived and does live she causes problems.  Like everything else she is connected to, she has been kicked out of. Where she currently lives it is very strange with all the problems her and her “Son” causes, why she has not kicked her and her “son” out!! Stolen money from laundry rooms, completely destroyed cars, defaced buildings, and started fires within and outside the apartment, drug deals and the list goes on!!  Even other people that work at the management company do not know the reason.



See Donna Fowler’s many personalities, she is called the Sybil!  She really needs help or to go on the Jerry Springer Show!!